BC’s men’s baseball beat Moorpark making their overall 8-3

Alexis Delgadillo, Reporter

Bakersfield College men’s baseball team played a double header against Moorpark College on May 6 at home. The first game’s final score was 7-2 and the second game’s was 11-7 with the Renegades clinching both. 

After winning both games the Renegades are now up to an 8–3 overall so far this season. In the first game Jarrett Brannen had two RBI’s (Runs Batted In) and a double to lead the team. Brannen’s hometown is Bakersfield and he previously comes from Bakersfield High School and San Francisco State University. 

“A challenge I have faced on an individual level is staying consistent. Early on I have struggled in my first couple appearances on the mound, but I have swung the bat well and have had small successes as the season has continued on the mound as well,” Brannen shared. “ As a team we had struggled early on with being consistent, but as the season has gone on the bats have gotten hot and we have continued to throw the ball well as a pitching staff and because of this we have seen a lot of success the last couple weekends.” 

The Renegades have more games lined up for the rest of the season that will be live-streamed and uploaded to the Bakersfield College Athletics website www.gogades.com.