BC’s Women’s Softball plays double header against Fresno City College

Alexis Delgadillo, Reporter

Bakersfield College women’s softball team played a double header against Fresno City College on May 4 at home. 

The first game’s final score was 7-14 and the second game’s was 5-6 which made the Renegades drop to 3-9 overall so far this season. Aviana Campos led the Renegades with 6 RBI’s (Runs Batted In) in the first game. 

Campos is a sophomore this year at BC and is an infielder. Her hometown is Bakersfield and previously went to Highland High School. “So far I think we are improving small things each game right now, it’s more of a marathon than a sprint meaning that we are trying to make small changes to our game/playing to get these wins rather than trying to change or improve everything for most of it not to work,” said Campos. 

“I think we are a very dominant offensive team but we need to work on getting those clutch hits, hitting in those necessary situational hitting spots,” Campos shared. When asked what challenges she’s faced this season she said,”As an individual on the team I’m seen as a big hitter and I just need to keep producing in those high pressure, necessary hitting times.” 

The Renegades have more games lined up for the rest of the season that will be live-streamed and uploaded to the Bakersfield College Athletics website