Industrial Automation Alumni Panel


Armando Gutierrez raises his hand to answer one of the Q&A chat questions.

Breonna Zapiain, Reporter

The Industrial Automation Alumni Panel was held via Zoom on Nov. 3 from 12 p.m to 1 p.m. This meeting, hosted by Carlos Medina, featured multiple panelists that were allowed to share their work experiences in the Industrial Automation field after graduation. These panelists included Erin Huckaby, Armando Gutierrez, Regan Lewis, Adrian Chavez, and Anak Anantawijaya. Questions were asked by Cynthia Quintanilla that the panelists were able to answer in turns. 

Armando Gutierrez and Regan Lewis, who both work for Tasteful Selections, were asked about any advice they may have for those looking to go into the workforce. Armando suggested that internships were a good opportunity to get your foot in the door as that is what worked for him. Regan Lewis agreed saying that, “The reason I’m in my current job is because of internships”.

Throughout the hour-long meeting, each panelist gave insight on what it takes to be in the industrial automation workforce and how important the classes they took to get to the point they are at were. Anak Anantawijaya shared how he looks forward to advancing in his job with Amazon and how there are opportunities in that job for him and others to advance. Armando Gutierrez mentioned that a master’s degree is not necessary to work in the industrial automation field and that there are opportunities to grow and learn while working. 

Erin Huckaby and Regan Lewis were asked if they would recommend this program to others. Both shared that they would recommend this field for reasons such as how it’s changing and growing and there’s always something more to do. “This program is a great way to market yourself,” Lewis shared. 

The meeting ended with a question and answer panel where questions that were put in the chat throughout the meeting were read aloud and answered. The panelists answered these questions in-depth and were passionate about the answers they were providing.