The Renegade Rip

Many more fun $5 dates

Darla Mangrum, Reporter

May 13, 2015

All semester long The Rip has suggested many ideas for going on inexpensive dates and this last edition of the semester is no different, but instead of one or two dates for $5 or less here is a list of things you can do for free: Take a bike ride along the bike trail and discover new places to take a break and just talk. Take a walk downtown and window shop or check ou...

Dates at Skateland and fireworks at Sam Lynn Ballpark

Darla Mangrum, Reporter

April 22, 2015

All semester long, The Rip has found some fun and affordable places to go for a date and this edition is no different. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your significant other, you can always go skating at Skateland or have a picnic with fireworks. Skating is not only fun but great exercise, too. What’s really great about Skateland is they have some reasonable...

Another way to simulate your taste buds while meeting new people on a $5 date

Darla Mangrum, Reporter

April 8, 2015

  With the weekend right around the corner, The Rip has come up with a couple of more dates that will fit a struggling student’s budget. If you are a coffee drinker who likes to support young people who have been kicked out of the system because they aged out, then this is the date for you. Covenant coffee is a fast-growing company that helps young people who...

How to impress your date while spending $5 or less at the movie

Darlene Mangrum, Reporter

February 4, 2015

Being a college student and having a dating life at the same time is near impossible. Students are not exactly the richest people on earth and between buying books, supplies, and paying for college they don’t have much money left to live on. Which means, they have even less to spend on dating. After a long hard week of lectures, reading and homework every student needs...

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