The Renegade Rip

BC Faculty shares their experience on working from home

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

April 2, 2020

Bakersfield College President Sonya Christian held an online seminar on April 2 to discuss faculty updates and challenges encountered while providing student services.  Christian briefly informed participants on the latest COVID-19 news, such as Kern County only having one known death from COVID-19. Christian also acknowledged the remembrance of former Kern County resi...

Goldstein elaborates on DSPS services offered at BC

Trina Goree, Reporter

March 5, 2014

Terri Goldstein, the new director of Disabled Student Programs and Services, shared two main messages she would like Bakersfield College students to know. Goldstein, first, wanted to clarify that services for DSPS are different in college than in high school, which she says causes many students not to sign up. Second, Goldstein would like to let all BC students know that...

DSP&S haults testing for services

Jon Nelson, Features Editor

May 2, 2012

Incoming freshmen and students who feel they might have a learning disability will have a harder time accessing student services in the fall. Due to budget cuts made in 2009 and 2010, the Disabled Student Programs and Services department at Bakersfield College will no longer be offering learning disability testing after the spring 2012 semester. “Please be aware that,...

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