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Cell phone lives up to name

Cell phone lives up to name

May 30, 2013

By Graham C Wheat Features Editor Boost Mobile’s newest Android powered smart phone may be the answer to saving a phone from your drunken college escapades and gen...

Smoking policy is left up in the air

Graham C Wheat, Features Editor

May 1, 2013

By Graham C Wheat Features Editor The proposed smoking policy at Bakersfield College is still in administrative limbo, and the ultimate fate of the policy may not be resolved until over the summer break. This policy may also become a district-wide policy if the legislation approves it. According to Nick Acosta, SGA general counsel and spearhead behind the tobacco-free cam...

Does Petraeus deserve the attention?

Graham C Wheat, Metiqua Eng, Reporters

November 28, 2012

PRO:   By Graham C Wheat Reporter We, as a people, are enamored with anything that might have the faintest whiff of scandal, and there is nothing wrong with that. Gen. Petraeus and his indiscretions are the most recent to grip our nation’s basest instincts. His tryst with the biographer of his book has made national headlines and has been widely public...

Disney buys Star Wars: ‘Forces’ a debate

Nashay Matthews, Graham C Wheat, Reporters

November 15, 2012

PRO: A great disturbance in The Force could be felt when Disney bought LucasFilm for a whopping  $4 billion. Scores of Star Wars fans already made a decry over the direction of the flagship franchise that director and founder George Lucas took, and now to many this seems like a killing blow to the galactic space opera. Fear not, The Force may yet be strong, and The Darkside...

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