Java Mamas in bikini tops

Bryan Lung
September 26, 2007

At first glance, the Java Mama coffee shop on Rosedale Highway looks like other drive-through coffee shops, but there is a difference. The baristas are wearing bikini tops. The owner of Java Mama, Tim Allen, got the idea for the unusual dress code from businesses up north that have tried the idea with... Read more »

SGA provides incentives for BC students

Crystal Roberts
September 26, 2007

Students can earn $1,000 dollars for designing a new Student Government Association Web page. It’s incentives like these that BC’s SGA hopes will get students more involved with BC. SGA has big plans for the 2007 fall semester that include a list of different things. President John Lopez... Read more »

‘3:10′ remake not always convincing but appealing to males

Anna Robledo
September 26, 2007

James Mangold’s remake of the 1957 film “3:10 to Yuma” stays true to the 1950s Western genre. However, because of an overexposure of great digital effects and crazy action, a la “Transformers,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and even the 1993 action packed, genius... Read more »

Tom Waits album is raining dogs, not cats

Chris Garza
September 26, 2007

A wish-wash of lost characters symbolize Tom Waits’ 1985 album “Rain Dogs.” The sound is of timeless character and would be hard to place in a specific genre, let alone a time period. A surreal mix of tales and instrumentation relay the mix of Rain Dog- like characters. Waits has described... Read more »

Mama Tosca’s: great Italian

Rigo Villalobos
September 26, 2007

Not only a good but an incredible experience, with the whole extension of the word, is what I encountered in the visit to Mama Tosca’s Ristorante here in Bakersfield in the Marketplace plaza on Ming Avenue. In my life I have experienced many Italian food restaurants, but, by far, Mama Tosca’s... Read more »

New live album keeps you Trapt listening to it

Marcinda Coil
September 26, 2007

Trapt’s new live album is a decent album to own because of its mixed music typifying a greatest hits album. However, the band’s attempt to debut two brand new songs (“Stay Alive” and “Everything to Lose”) on a live album was unnecessary because the two songs were distinct... Read more »

The library should be for research and homework

Ashlee Flores
September 26, 2007

The library computers at Bakersfield College should be used for school purposes only. End of discussion, no questions asked. I’ve come to this conclusion because the majority of the time I go to the computer commons needing to write a paper, it’s very difficult to find an available computer... Read more »

Nature’s not our enemy

Maryann Kopp
September 26, 2007

Man versus nature. Considering that it is the year 2007, you would think that we would have resolved this pseudo-conflict by now, but we haven’t. Recently there was some commotion over cutting down the water supply to different agricultural businesses here in Kern County to help save a species... Read more »

Spanking teaches kids discipline

Crystal Roberts
September 26, 2007

In a world where children are running amuck and not grasping any moral values, spanking proves to be a positive part of raising a child. Spanking some children is a good thing. It is a way to teach discipline to a child, to get them to listen and to get their attention. Some children can be reprimanded... Read more »

Marijuana revenue would diminish with legalization

Letter to the editor
September 26, 2007

Editor: With regards to the piece by Bryan Lung on taxing legal marijuana: Though I agree with the position that it should be regulated rather than remain illegal, the tax revenue that would be generated would fall far shorter than his reportings would suggest. The fact is that marijuana’s current... Read more »

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