BC rally focuses on water issues

The “Rally for Water for the Central Valley,” as flyers read, was set up by the Student Government Association and hosted at Bakersfield College on Sept. 3. The event brought along Kern County elected officials to discuss the California... READ MORE »»

Construction workers are seen near the Mathematics building at BC across from the forum and gym area.

Construction impedes BC students

The Bakersfield College campus appears, to some, to be in shambles. Students attending classes the first week were welcomed by heavy equipment next to mounds of dirt and on top of trenches, walkway signs with enough yellow tape for an entire... READ MORE »»


Weighing in on new chips

Yum! I have a new favorite chip flavor, but don’t tell my ex-favorite chip flavor, it will get jealous. Sorry Lay’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar flavored potato chips, my new favorite ultimate potato chip flavor is the new Lay’s... READ MORE »»


Memorial Stadium’s renovation

The grass is always greener on the other side. For the first time in 12 years that meaning will definitely not be the case when it comes to the playing surface at Memorial Stadium. The field has seen better days, over the last decade the grass... READ MORE »»


Football sanctions left with many questions

Brooke Howard, Reporter

There seems to be little movement in the legal action Bakersfield College took against the football sanctions. Leading the case for the college and the district is Christine... read story

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Dark Veil Dynasty: new name, remains top-rated salon for 2014

Vanessa Munoz, Reporter/ Photographer

The city of Bakersfield voted for its favorite hair salon, naming Curl Up and Dye its new and most liked establishment for 2014. The award was given to Jose Duran and Alex... read story

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Madden 15 brings ‘Gridiron’

Daniel Ojeda, Sports Editor

As the calendar flips to September, there are only two things that can mean, that the football season is fast approaching and the anticipated release of the new Madden 15... read story

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Renegades open season with big loss

Daniel Ojeda, Sports Editor

The Bakersfield College football team opened their season with a resounding thud as they suffered a crushing 51-3 loss at the hands of Riverside City College. As if suffering... read story

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Isis crisis putting the US in a political pickle PRO

Elias C. Ahumada, Opinon Editor

Since the departure of the United States military from the battered country of Iraq, a group was forming in the shadows. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or most commonly... read story

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