Women in the workplace


Brooke Howard, Features Editor
March 19, 2015

Paola Colindres Campo, a food scientist from General Mills and other large food companies in the U.S., came to speak at Bakersfield College as a part of the Women’s History and More event on March 11. This year’s Women’s History focus was on women in sciences. Campo’s speech, named “Challenges... Read more »

Group hopes to inform locals on global warming issue

Elizabeth Castillo
March 19, 2015

A group in support of political action for climate change hopes to bring the discussion to Bakersfield. Citizens’ Climate Lobby will hold a volunteer training and orientation workshop on March 21 to help residents of Bakersfield foster political will for climate change. The group’s focus is to eventually... Read more »

Pantry improves service


Elizabeth Castillo, Editor in Chief
March 19, 2015

Bakersfield College’s Renegade Pantry hopes to be more active this semester and continually serve those at BC who suffer from food insecurity. Last semester there were few disbursements of food items from the pantry. Co-coordinator Gabby Caraballo said that the pantry is now better able to serve BC. “I... Read more »

BC students think that the SB 967 is necessary

K.E. Petersen, Reporter
March 19, 2015

A bill that was drafted by Sen. Kevin De Leon, D-Los Angeles, and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will change how rape allegations are handled in colleges, but it seems that the majority of students do not know of this bill. Studies indicate that on average 35 incidents of rape or attempted rape per 1,000... Read more »

Students are recognizing how important it is to donate blood

Rogelio Silva Online

Rhiannon Stroberg, Reporter
March 19, 2015

The Houchin Blood Bank raised pulses on the Bakersfield College Panorama campus not only for the annual Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive, but also at a chance at winning five hundred dollars. With the Houchin blood bank buses parked in front of the Campus Center on March 11 and 12, hundreds of students donated... Read more »

Construction continues for elevator at BC


Elizabeth Castillo, Editor in Chief
March 19, 2015

Construction around the Student Services building at Bakersfield College is under way and should be completed by August of 2015. The construction taking place near the SS building is a district-run project to install an elevator for the exterior of the SS building, according to Craig Rouse, the manager... Read more »

SGA to hold elections soon at BC

Amber Hayden, Online Editor
March 5, 2015

With SGA elections coming up, students may be wondering how to even go about running for a spot on the board. According to Miles Post, a current SGA member, students have to come to the office of student life and pick up a candidate’s package that requires a certain amount of signatures. “That’s... Read more »

STEM’s new career paths

Elka Wyatt, Reporter
March 5, 2015

For most people, turning on the faucet to get a glass of water is pretty simple. However, when you consider how the water gets from the water source to your faucet, it is actually a pretty complex process. Many different kinds of engineers are responsible for this. Randy Cowart, a Control Systems Engineer,... Read more »

Declines in oil industry causes negative impact on Kern economy

Victoria Miller, Reporter
March 5, 2015

Most people have a lot to smile about at the pump these days, however, many oil producing locations and small businesses in the oil industry are hurting from the recent decline in crude oil prices. Tupper Hull, vice president of communications at Western States Petroleum Association explained the key... Read more »

BC students wish they’d known about the parade


Trina Goree, Reporter
March 5, 2015

Not many Bakersfield College students attended the annual Black American History Day Parade, though there were some alumni present. When asking BC students about the annual Black American History Day Parade, the consensus were the students simply did not know about it. “Never heard anything about it”,... Read more »

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