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CSUB hosts annual RowdyCon event

Ruben Lira, Reporter

October 17, 2018

Cal State University Bakersfield (CSUB) held its annual RowdyCon fundraiser on Oct 6. RowdyCon is an "Extra Life" gaming charity event, with all proceeds going to the Lauren Small Children's Center. The event started in 2012 and has continued each year since. RowdyCon derived its name from Rowdy the Roadrunner, the CSUB mascot. The main event featured a vendor expo as well...

Con: Voting, should it be done?

Chris Miller, Reporter

February 3, 2016

Your vote doesn’t really matter. Those are not the kinds of words any American voter wants to hear. Unfortunately, when it comes to electing which candidate becomes President of the United States, these words ring true. As most informed voters are aware, there are the popular votes and the electoral votes. The popular votes are the votes cast by the majority of participating...

Drug testing in the workplace

Chris Miller and Alex Rivera, Reporter

December 2, 2015

PRO There are those who might feel that subjecting him or herself to monthly drug tests while at work, or urinating into a cup before he or she is even considered for a job interview infringes on that person’s rights to do whatever that person chooses to do with his or her own body. However, what those people won’t admit is, it’s not about their right to personal choi...

Mixing college with dating: Con

K.E. Petersen, Reporter

March 19, 2015

CON Dating another student while in college should be avoided as much as possible. While in college, students meet new people. They create new bonds and relationships with those who they get along with. Long lasting relationships have been forged from the fire that burns during their college years. But what is at stake? While some students can get along well while...

Pro, Con- All the play with no pay

Daniel Ojeda, Amber Hayden

April 2, 2014

Pro-  If everyone else gets money, pay students Student athletes perform and entertain millions of college sports fans. Without them, the millions of dollars that collegiate athletics generates simply would not exist. We wouldn’t have the millions of fans buying tickets to watch a game, and those same fans definitely wouldn’t be subscribing to those expensive cable...

Syrian situation once again divides American viewpoints

Liza Hernandez & Robert Mullen, Reporters

September 25, 2013

CON- I’m adamantly opposed to U.S. military involvement in Syria. This isn’t due to my politics by any means. I’m a relatively moderate conservative. In fact, I actually agree with what President Obama said on Sept. 10. I’m anti-involvement because right now the opposition does not have a single voice and any government they put up is unlikely to remain stable...

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