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MOVIE MINUTEBaseball film suffers from predictability, clichÇs

Ryan Knaggs

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Keanu Reeves, co-star of the classic film “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” stars as a coach of a rag-tag baseball team from the Chicago projects in “Hardball.”

Conor O’Neill (Reeves) finds himself in a “pickle” when his addiction to betting on basketball games catches up with him and he owes a local thug $6,000.

Unable to pay his debt, O’Neill begs a wealthy friend to lend him the money.

Instead of just giving O’Neill the money, he asks him to coach a junior baseball team and he will be given $500 a week to do so.

O’Neill reluctantly accepts the offer and, of course, grows to love the team.

This movie reminds me of a movie that starred cinematic giant Emilio Estevez, oh yeah, “The Mighty Ducks.”

What once was a really crappy baseball team (in a really crappy movie), turns into a successful team of young champions.

Too bad the movie never turned into anything successful.

Along with every other movie about junior sports, “Hardball” is a predictable movie littered with incredibly un-funny attempts at humor.

“Hardball” tries to be sad and touching in some parts, but since it is so predictable, it really has no effect.

This movie is as predictable as a Pauly Shore movie going straight to video, but it does offer a few laughs, and that was due to the movie’s soundtrack.

DMX, Notorious B.I.G. and Lil’ Bow Wow – could the soundtrack suck any harder? The answer is no.

If you want to spend $7.50 on a movie, go see something else. “Hardball” is going to have a “hard” time turning a profit at the box office.

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MOVIE MINUTEBaseball film suffers from predictability, clichÇs