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‘Living Out’ plays on perceptions

Marcinda Coil

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“Living Out,” according to Bakersfield College student actors, is a humorous and tragic play that will have its debut Nov. 30 at Bakersfield College’s Indoor Theater.
According to Theater Arts Adviser Kimberly Chin, the play portrays two women, an El Salvadoran nanny and an entertainment lawyer, who make sacrifices for their families.
“Some of the themes are perceptions of people, our misunderstandings of people, [and] sacrifices we make for our family,” said Chin.
Lisa Loomer who has written other plays such as “Birds” and “The Waiting Room” wrote “Living Out.” Loomer has also won the American Theater Critics Association Award twice and The Kennedy Center Fund for New Plays Award.
According to Loomer, in an interview with Joel Hirschhorn, reporter for The Dramatist, “Living Out” was inspired by her own life experience.
“Comedy and drama exist equally here,” said Loomer, “and I know for some that’s a controversial idea.”
Stephanie Hankinson, BC English major and actress in “Living Out,” said that her “character gets to be the comic relief [.] and relieve some of the tension.”
“It’s a really good story,” said BC student Ciara Guernon, leading actress in the play, “I’m glad to be a part of it.”
Although Guernon plays the leading El Salvadoran nanny, she has never acted before.
“I think some people will be amazed of the performance that she’ll give,” said Chin, “because of the natural talent she has.”
According to Chin, there are also experienced actors in the production that Guernon “emulate[s].”
Not only do the actors rehearse three hours a day, four days a week, for six weeks, they also have homework.
“I require that they write character studies,” said Chin. “I believe heavily that students need to research their characters.”
The actors took a field trip to Los Angeles to experience the Latina culture that included El Salvadoran food and Day of the Dead festivities, according to Chin.
“It [the play] certainly deals with a lot of cultural things that people from Bakersfield deal with,” said Hankinson.
“There are some misunderstandings because of the cultural gap,” said Chin about the two women in the play. “I think that those things we will all learn from.”
“Living Out” is scheduled to run Nov. 30-Dec. 2 and Dec. 7-9 at 8 p.m. in BC’s Indoor Theater. Admission is $8 for general and $5 for seniors, students, faculty and staff.

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‘Living Out’ plays on perceptions