Wi-Fi installed in cafeteria by SGA

Keith Kaczmarek

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For those students used to hovering near the wall of the cafeteria to catch a trickle of Wi-Fi, your prayers have been answered, as Wi-Fi is now available within the cafeteria, the game room, the Collins Conference Room and Executive Board Room.

When Dean Serabian, network administrator of information services, noticed students near the cafeteria wall shared with the Fireside Lounge getting the bleed over of Wi-Fi from that room, he mentioned it to the SGA and suggested extending Wi-Fi coverage to the cafeteria. Eventually, he was also the person responsible for the installation.

Sean Hill, General Counsel for the SGA, created a proposal for the SGA with his recommendation.

“I went out and tested it with my computer,” he said. “I understand that it is a major area for students doing homework and sometimes you need the Internet for that.

“Almost everyone has some need [for the Internet] to survive in school today.”

When asked about the expense, he said “It’s a big chunk at once, but we do have the funds. There was plenty of money for that.” He added, “They were going to redo the campus center, but they can get it up so it won’t be affected. It was a one-time deal.”

According to Hill, the expansion of the Wi-Fi to these other rooms cost $2,300 and the SGA voted in the proposal 16-0-0.

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