BC ensemble plays classics

BC ensemble plays classics

Spencer Bateman plays a tenor saxophone solo during a BC Jazz Ensemble performance of “All Blues” by Miles Davis.

Tyler McGinty, Opinions Editor

It may not have been filled with people in black turtlenecks, and hardly anyone was snapping their fingers, but the recital hall in the Fine Arts building turned into a jazz club that night.

On Nov. 5, Bakersfield College’s Jazz Ensemble performed some classics from jazz history including Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington.

These artists were the staples of the show.

Director Kris Tiner, who conducted the ensemble, was trying to showcase some of the traditional sounds for this particular show, but it wasn’t his main concern.

“When I put it all together, I try to think of making a concert that flows well,” said Tiner.

Some pieces were designed for big bands, such as Mary Lou Williams’ “Walkin’ and Swingin’.”

Others, such as the Monk composed “Monk’s Dream,” were intended for groups smaller than BC’s jazz ensemble.

The songs originally designed for small groups seemed to allow more freedom for the ensemble, and had more solos, which gave students an opportunity to show their talent and the work they have put in over the semester.

Pianist Brian Lee, soloist on “Monk’s Dream,” moving along with the music as he played was a physical representation of how the music can affect the performers.

“I don’t even realize half the time that I’m doing it,” said Brian Lee about his animated performance.

“I just feel the music, and that’s something I’ve always tried to do.”