BC bookstore embracing change

Breanna Fields, Reporter

The Bakersfield College bookstore has embraced the latest social networking trends by providing online updates for products, sales and giveaways via Facebook and Twitter.

A number of changes have been made since Barnes & Noble became the new owners of the BC bookstore. In an effort to reach out to students and offer those on a tight budget affordable snacks and supplies, regular discounts and sales are posted on the BC Bookstore’s official Facebook page.

A sign on the front counter encouraging students to “Like” their Facebook is just one of the many ways that the bookstore is trying to reach students on a personal level and provide their services to a broader range of people on campus.

With over 1,300 “Likes” and counting, the popularity of these deals has increased due to word of mouth and flyers posted on the bulletin boards in an effort to spread the word.

“We’re much more technology savvy now,” said Alex Aguilar, 24, who has worked as a bookseller even before the store changed ownership.

Aguilar explained that the product sales are designed specifically to appeal to BC students and bring them into the store to see all of the products available.

“We’ll do a flash-sale so the students are aware of what we have to offer,” he said.

One-day-only flash-sales are a regular feature on the Facebook page that allow students to find deals that are posted at random times.

They are eligible to receive these special discounts and buy-one-get-one free deals when they mention it to the cashier.

The bookstore has also implemented a nationwide sweepstakes online where students can enter to win $150 for their college bookstore to aid in purchasing books and other supplies.

Aguilar explained that some of the other prizes given away include sweaters, headphones and backpacks.

“It all depends on what we have to offer and what our company sends us to also give out as promotions,” said Aguilar.

After walking into the bookstore to make a purchase, film major Taylor Akins noticed a basket of Energy Sheet samples on the counter.

“I wasn’t sure what they were at first,” said Akins. “I tried a sample and was pretty impressed.”

Energy Sheets are small, flavored sheets that contain caffeine to provide a temporary energy boost.

“I really can’t afford to buy Starbucks every day, so this was a good alternative,” said Akins, who hoped to see the product for sale in the future.

Students can check the website for updates and information on discounts in the store.