Admission specialists aid in transfers

Daysi Meza, Reporter

Cal State Bakersfield held an on-site admissions event Aug. 2930 in the Fireside Room at Bakersfield College.

The main goal was to admit BC students interested in transferring to CSUB in the Winter 2012, and Fall/Spring 2013.

Denise Romero, CSUB Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics transfer specialist, coordinated the event and provided answers to questions students asked about the requirements for transferring.

One of the most helpful resources they provided was being able to notify students whether they were admitted to the four-year institution or not, right on the spot.

Usually the admission process takes about 4-5 weeks to notify students, so this event definitely provided a practical way to find out about their transfer plans.

“Many students are unsure about what they need to do in order to transfer, so it is their job to make sure they have all the necessary information when they leave,” said Romero.

Some of the information specialists emphasized to the students at the event were being aware of the educational requirements they needed to meet in order to transfer.

In order to transfer to CSUB, students must have completed 60 semester units of general education classes, as well as their required classes for their specific major.

During the event, specialists reviewed students’ transcripts, but most importantly, provided specific information about the steps they needed to take in order to accomplish their goals.

Students eligible to transfer were scheduled for an orientation and a meeting with a counselor to discuss future educational plans.

Students who missed the event and are interested in transferring to CSUB will have the opportunity to apply for admission, as CSUB specialists will provide the on-site admissions event every semester two to three times, or an average of 4-5 times per year.

This time, the event was expected to help an average of 100-150 students during both event days.

Students who are interested in talking to a CSUB specialist are urged to schedule an appointment at the Counseling Center with matriculation specialist Marisa Marquez or Romero.