STEM has Pi-athlons

STEM has Pi-athlons

Devery Taylor holds a Pi shirt.

Ruben Perez, Reporter

The Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics organization puts on workshops for students called Pi-athlons.

“We heard colleges on the East Coast were doing things like this, and so we just decided people would like it so we’ve done all kinds of different things,” said mathematics professor Donna Starr.

At the last Pi-athlon on Oct. 25, STEM students painted T-shirts with phrases such as vam‘pi’re, ‘pi’rate, and occu‘pi’ math class.

“Previous Pi-athlons we have had a mobius strip activity where we investigated the mobius strip, which in mathematics is a continuous loop,” said Becky Head, another professor of mathematics.

The Pi-athlon events are open to all students and not just students with a STEM majors.

“I think that math gets such a bad rap and it has like a negative connotation,” said English major Brian Thayer. “It is seen as a very hard subject so doing something like this that gives more of a positive connotation with the math department, and it helps boost morale of the students.”

“It’s a nice way to relax and hang out and talk to everyone else about things other than math because we do that so much in class, so its nice to just get out you still know it’s connected to math,” said Sara Lopez, a nursing major at BC.

In addition to BC students, high school students will also attend the events.

“They come because their school is out early and they come here and they’re welcome,” said Starr “We’re hoping it even encourages them to come, to BC and to go into a STEM major.”

The Pi-athlon events happen 3.14 times a semester.  On the .14 the students will share math projects that they are working on.

They have done two already and will be posting fliers when they decide to have their next Pi-athlon.