BC cuts funds to child care program

Daysi Meza, Reporter

Even with the passage of Proposition 30, Bakersfield College administration is still facing financial struggles in several areas of the institution.  The passage of proposition 30 will not impede the anticipated changes in infant care at the Child Development Center for the following year.

The Child Development Center has made a firm decision of suspending infant care starting next semester as the center is facing serious budget reductions that obligate administrators to make a drastic change.

The drastic changes in the CDC are expected to affect 17 student parents, who were informed about the changes by receiving a hand-delivered letter written by the CDC staff.  The CDC made its best efforts to provide student parents with information about different kinds of infant care available in the community.

“Parents have been very disappointed about this decision, and I understand their position.  It is very convenient for them to drop off their children in order for them to go to attend school.  They are actually working very hard to find an alternative,” said Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, BC’s interim president.

The suspension of infant care services will most likely be permanent unless state funding is available to finance the costs in the future. The CDC will only be providing care services to children 18 months and older.