Students dread BC parking for the Fall

Robert Mullen, Reporter

With news of the proposed changes to parking circulating, student opinion seems to be swinging against it.
Gunnar Fredericksen, theater major, understands that budgetary concerns might be causing this, but he isn’t pleased with the removal of free parking and increase of daily permits.

“I think it’s a little ridiculous that they’re taking away the free parking,” Fredericksen said.

“A twenty dollar increase is way too much.”
Kevin Bush, business major, doesn’t like the idea either.

“I don’t agree with it, I think they should make it more accommodating for students,” Bush said.

“It’s a rat race trying to get in here.”
Marcos Cruz, undeclared major, already parks off in the streets but thinks BC is going the wrong direction with the parking situation.

“They should have more free parking if anything.”
Vivi Ajon, criminal justice major, also parks in the free parking but is thinking about getting the permit because of how long the walk to her classes is.

Alex Raines shares the sentiment.

“I’d probably have to get the permit at that point, but it’d be really inconvenient because [school’s] already kind of expensive,” Raines said.
Allyson Hollis, business major, won’t be at BC next semester, but she does think that permit price increases and getting rid of free parking is horrible, though she said she would still buy the permit.
Juan Carbajal, fire science major, already parks off the streets, and he will continue to do so, though it seems that he might have some competition for those select few spots.
Anthony Danker, psychology major, rides the bus, but he thinks that eliminating free parking is just going to cause people to park across the street and inconvenience the surrounding businesses.
Even some students who plan to attend in the Fall of 2013 weighed in.

“I probably wouldn’t like it, but I would put up with it,” said Josh Martinez. “Or I would park across the street.”
“I want it to be cheaper,” said Crystal Valdez.

Valdez is another new student for the upcoming 2013 semester.

Valdez said that the price might cause her to end up taking the bus.