Career day showcases job options

Career day showcases job options

Bernie Rejon

DeVry University representative Demetrius Henderson informing BC students about their school on April 24 during Career Day.

Samantha Briggs, Reporter

By Samantha Briggs


In this economy, unemployment is at an all time high. Things like career days and job fairs are a great way to help lower our unemployment rates. On Wednesday April 24, Bakersfield College had their annual career day. There were representatives from Target, Walgreens, to lesser-known businesses such as non-lethal defense company Damsels in Defense.

Karen, a consultant for Damsels in Defense, has been to many career days but none for BC. She is a consultant for a self-defense merchandising company geared towards women.

“I am looking for an employee that loves our products as much as I do,” Karen said. “I have hired people through career day in the past and I am hoping we find someone today. We have gotten a lot of resumes.”

Career day doesn’t only benefit the people looking for work, but it also benefits the companies who go, because they find new employees and receive publicity.  Mayra Rodriguez, a representative with Office teams and Account Temps, has never been to a career day, but is looking forward to meeting possible candidates for her company.

“I know a few of my colleagues who have been hired through a career day. I have actually seen a few people I am considering for a clerical position,” Rodriguez said. “I think this career day is great because it gives companies an opportunity to get out here to help college students who are looking for work but may not have the time to go out there.”

Marcus, the store manager of Walgreens, was at the BC career day for the first time, but has been to one at Cal State Bakersfield.

“A good number of our managers have been recruited by me at CSUB,” Marcus said. “We’ve gotten some great applicants and resumes. We think it is very successful and it’s a program we will definitely do in the future.”

This was the second career day for BC student Anthony Dankur. “I have not gotten a job from a career day but I am hopeful. I am looking for an employer who is understanding and doesn’t think they are above the employees,” Danker said. “I think career day is beneficial because it gets jobs out there and gives companies publicity, especially the smaller more local companies.”

BC student Alexander Lung works with the job placement center.

“At job placement, we help them with resumes and interviews. We also have on-campus and off-campus jobs. There’s a variety of students here at BC, from young to old, and the people who are here want to have a future for themselves,” Lung said. “Career day is a good place to interact with different companies face to face, which is more beneficial than applying online.”