Faculty art on display at the Jones Gallery

Kennedy Thomas, Reporter

The Jones Art Gallery inside of the Grace Van Dyke library opened its doors to the public on Aug. 29 for the premier of its new exhibition, entitled “Interplay.”  The exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of Bakersfield College by displaying works of art from both current and former faculty members.

“It’s like having a party of art,” said Margaret Nowling, curator of the Jones Art Gallery.  “It’s a good opportunity for their [the artists’] students to say hi.”

Guests who paid the $15 entrance fee for this one night only event were exposed to a variety of art styles, while having the opportunity to discuss the pieces with some of the artists that created them.  Hors d’oeuvres and soft drinks were served to attendees.

David Koeth, Art Department chair, presented his own work at the event, which he called “Things I’ve Heard, Seen, Said.”

“People take art too seriously,” said Koeth, whose featured pieces intended to find humor in various phrases Koeth has overheard in conversation by juxtaposing them with photographs.

Recently retired professor Al Davis was in attendance, showcasing work in watercolor and acrylic.

Retired professor Chalita Robinson’s pieces, focusing on the female form and utilizing warm colors, were bookended by portraits of her infant granddaughter.

“I miss seeing her color,” said Carlos Fierros of Robinson’s work.

Fierros, a local artist who attended the event in hopes of reconnecting with his old professors, was not alone in his appreciation of Robinson.

“She still influences my work,” said artist Iva Cross Fendrick, who had classes with Robinson and works as a professional artist who has had her own work featured at many events throughout the Bakersfield area.

Other faculty members featured were Al Naso, Marlene Tatsuno, Harry Wilson, Laura Borneman, Cameron Brian, Emily Maddigan, Debora Rodenhauser, Armando Rubio, Adel Shafik, Kristopher Stallworth, and Cecilia Noyes.

“Interplay” will run from Sep. 3 to Oct. 10, free of charge, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.