BC sports honors alums

Jason Reed, Reporter

Bakersfield College has added four new members to the football Hall of Fame.

On Nov. 14, BC inducted John Alexander, Peter Reyes, Bill Houser and Gerry Collis into the 2013 Hall of Fame.

“It’s the most surprising thing I could imagine,” said Reyes. Reyes is a BC graduate and still runs out on the field with the football team, leading them with the flag. Reyes has been leading the Renegades for more than 30 years both home and away when they take the field and prepare for a game.

“I love BC; I’ve been part of BC since I was 10 years old. What can I say? I love everything about it.”

Reyes also went on to talk about his reaction to being told he would be inducted into the hall of fame.

“Well, I was surprised,” he said jokingly. “I think I deserved it.” Reyes has been coming to Renegades games for more than four decades, but said this season might be the last season he leads the team on the road with the flag due to health issues.

Houser was the driver for the Renegades and also a graduate of BC. After graduation, he joined the Coast Guard. He then joined a veteran’s group on campus after his time in the military.

Houser served as president of the Alumni Association from 1977-78.

“It makes me very proud,” said Alexander, the football team’s dentist. Alexander graduated from BC 44 years ago and has served as the team dentist for 28 years.

“When I got word that Jerry Collis was going to be inducted too, I said that I didn’t mind being the opening act because I was very flattered.”

Throughout the night the inductees spent time talking to each other and sharing stories about the old times at BC.

Collis met BC president Sonya Christian for the first time and shared many laughs.

“I had goose bumps and it was amazing,” said Christian.

“I’ve heard stories about coach Collis. I actually saw him for the first time in action,” she explained referring to Collis who had the people laughing for most of the night.

“Everything I heard about him did not match up to when I see him, the way he knows and connects with people, and that’s how when he asks people for something they just spontaneously give it to him because of the connection.”

Although Collis did not attend BC as a student, he still referred to it as “the greatest school in America.”

Collis is originally from northern Nevada where he was a three-sport athlete. He attended Denver University and played professional baseball for the New York Yankees. Collis came to Bakersfield College in 1957 to teach physical education.

“I’m really honored because there are so many great alumni in Bakersfield that support and back Bakersfield College,” Collis said regarding his reaction to being inducted.

“I love BC and I think the Alumni Association is a credit to the school and Bakersfield College is well represented.”

Collis said Bakersfield College has meant everything to him.