BC reaffirms zero tolerance stance on sexual assaults

Amber hayden, Photographer

Denim Day came to Bakersfield College on April 23 to help support and affirm the college’s stance on zero tolerance of sexual assault.

Denim Day actually started in Italy when the Italian Supreme Court overturned a conviction. This caused the female employees of the Italian Parliament to come to work wearing jeans in support of the victim.

Elizabeth Peisner, interim director of student life, commented, “Be aware and be vigilante,” explaining the importance for all students to be aware of their surroundings, especially at night when the lights are not always on.

Sonya Christian, BC president, said this was the first time the campus has held Denim Day, but hopes that in the coming years the day will still be recognized and supported.

Denim Day will be an annual event for the campus, according to Christian.

“I’m very pleased that our students, faculty and staff are symbolically and visibly reaffirming that BC has a no tolerance towards sexual assault,” she said.

The jeans that were signed during the hour-long event can be seen hanging above the entrance to the Campus Center.