Blog gives advice to BC students

Amber Hayden, Online Editor

Since the fall semester of 2014, student Jackie Estrada has been writing one part of the student blog and giving advice to students about how to get through the semester.

“My own creativity was being tested, so I had to try to be creative, and I wasn’t this type of person,” said Estrada.

The Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Amber Chiang, hired Estrada to write advice and about experiences at BC.

The blog though is not linked from the Bakersfield College website to the blog itself, so students are left to wonder on how to even get to the page for it. Estrada hopes that more students will locate the blog and find the topics she writes on will help them to succeed at Bakersfield College.

During the fall semester Estrada focused on giving advice to the students on how to be successful in their classes.

But during the spring semester she went in a different direction by giving examples of how she gets through everything from tests, to studying for midterms, to even just relaxing when she can find a moment.

She also expressed that she has had a lot of students coming up to her asking how she is able to be successful and take as many units.

She has found that writing the student blog is very different in styles of writing compared to writing an article for journalism.

“You have to be much more creative, it’s not just informative there has to be creativity,” Estrada said.

Estrada is a communications major earning her AA in order to transfer and earn her bachelors degree.

As she has progressed through the semester she has made the choice to stick to just what students should know, and staying away from the hot topics of the hard journalism.

“I believe everything should be reported at least to bring awareness but I leave that up to the student newspaper. I stick to the more positive side of the school because a lot of students are not aware of how great this college really is,” she said.

The link for the student blog is