The homecoming dance makes a comeback following the pandemic

Amanda Hernandez, Reporter

Bakersfield College held a homecoming dance for all students on October 22.

This dance has made a comeback for the first time following the covid-19 pandemic which forced BC to cancel all in person gatherings.

The event was put together by the BCSGA team where they came up with the idea of a 70s themed dance which they named the Renegade Fever and it was presented to the students a week in advance. This allowed them enough time to purchase a ticket.

The event was held on the third floor of the ballroom center where there was enough room to accommodate all of the students.

Earlier in the year, the BC staff mentioned that most events this year have had low attendance because of how accustomed students became to the COVID 19 protocols.

However, the flier caught a lot of attention considering the fact that a good number of people showed up.

Events are just now making a return on campus, and the BCSGA team is encouraging many people to join in person events again.

At the dance, there was a live DJ who played 70s music to keep up with the original theme, however, students were encouraged to make requests throughout the night and some of those songs skewed from the theme.

They played very popular songs such as “suavemente” and many bad bunny songs as well, which the students appeared to enjoy.

Ed stated, “I felt great, the party was perfect and it was amazing to see everyone have smiles on their faces. The food and drinks were good for the party, especially the meatballs.”

Aside from the students dancing and enjoying their night with friends, they were able to grab some snacks before, during or after the dance as long as the food lasted.

They had options to eat foods such as artichoke dip, meatballs, and sandwiches which was paid for with the money that they received from the ticket sales.

Overall, the event was successful and students plan to join future events.

Ed said, ”I would love to go to another event because it brings joy.”