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COLUMNStudents can save money on campus

Demethrasis Blackmon

October 12, 2001

The rising prices of goods and services at Bakersfield College give students just a taste of what is waiting for them in the real world. Of course, it's not fun to shell out more money for items like food, books and supplies on a yearly basis, but that's the price you pay for a college degree. There are ways for students to save money. One way they can be more efficient with...

LETTERS TO THE EDITORWe will stand united

September 28, 2001

All faiths must join to fight ‘terrorist reasoning’ Why Allah (God) allow killings, suicide and terror? I put this great question to Emam Khalif from King Fahad Mosque to give the great Islamic answer. Allah says in the Holy Quran (4:79) “All good comes from Allah, the bad comes from what your own hands do.” We only have finite understanding, to try ...

COLUMNOn-campus vendors are here to stay

Ryan Knaggs

September 28, 2001

Bakersfield College is about learning, reading, writing and oh yeah, money. BC generates money through many entities, such as the bookstore, food sales and soda machines. But why does BC allow vendors to set up shop within our hallways in orders to make money for themselves? We’ve all seen the guys selling incense by the Fireside Room or the people selling pictures...

’Gade Feedback for Sept. 28, 2001

Andrew T. Mullican

September 28, 2001

What is the best way to stay awake in a boring class? Mike Hooper, Culinary Arts: “Listen to the radio, headphones, Gameboy.” Anna Moltz, History: “Drink a lot of coffee before class.” Anthony Lewis, Undecided: “The best way to stay awake in a boring class … the thing I do is I start talking to people. Talk to the person n...

PRO: STEM CELL RESEARCHPresident’s stem cell decision gives patients hope

Alyssa D. Stumbo

September 21, 2001

President Bush attacked a very controversial topic this summer, whether or not to continue federal funding for stem cell research. It is one thing to watch a documentary or flip through a magazine about scientific progress, but it is quite another to be alive as a result of it. I am a cancer survivor, and I can't help but approach this topic from a personal viewpoint. As...

CON: STEM CELL RESEARCHBush leaves both sides empty-handed

Ty Hardin

September 21, 2001

President George W. Bush ran headlong into stem cell research and came up with a decision that rides both sides of the issue, leaving opponents and proponents with a compromised feeling inside. Bush's decision dashed hopes on both sides of the stem cell fence while dangling the potential to sway either way over their heads. This political move not only makes politicians look...

ASBC NEWSASBC gears up for `Meet Your Professor Day’

Terrie Bracamonte

September 21, 2001

The Associated Students of Bakersfield College are kicking off the new fall semester with a friendly welcome. We will be having a weekly "brown bag lunch" in the Executive Board Room and we'd like to extend an invitation to all students, professors and staff to come and join us in an informal setting for networking at lunch time. This is your opportunity to meet new people....

FROM THE ONLINE EDITORStudents can express views, see more news on Rip Web site

Jarrod M. Graham

September 21, 2001

Welcome to the online edition of The Renegade Rip. The World Wide Web opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and the mission of this online edition is to provide a voice and tone that is different from that of our print edition. We don’t want our Web site to simply be some cyberspace knock-off of our print edition with nothing but all the same stories and photos...

‘Gade Feedback for Sept. 21, 2001

Benigno Pena

September 21, 2001

What is your greatest fear? Why? Clayton Parker, Computer Information Systems: "My biggest fear is that we are gonna go to war, because of what happened last Tuesday." Julie Bensusen, Business: "My biggest fear is the terrorism that's going on from a different country to ours and just trying to keep us safe." Dwight Johnson, Real Estate/Business Administration:...

COLUMNGovernment needs to deliver swift justice

Ty Hardin

September 14, 2001

From a bathroom on Flight 77, Barbara Olson calls her husband on her cell phone while terrorists are flying the hijacked jet toward the Pentagon. According to CNN, she gives her husband a plethora of information about the hijacking before her plane crashes into the Pentagon, killing everybody on board. She took a late flight, Flight 77, to have breakfast with her husband. This...

COLUMNAmericans should not rush to judgment

Ty Hardin

September 14, 2001

What most people do not think about is the backlash from our own citizens, against our fellow Americans. "Why do they even let those ragheads in our country?" "You know they're all in on it." "They should all be rounded up so we know where they are." These are the sentiments I have heard around Bakersfield from all types of people. Americans are angry and they will lash...

Letter to the Editor for Sept. 14, 2001

September 14, 2001

Muslims saddened, fearful of backlash by public These horrendous actions contradict the beliefs of the Islamic religion. The Muslim Student Association of Bakersfield College deeply regrets the terrorist and extremist acts against Americans by alleged Muslim or Islamic terrorist/extremists. It saddens us greatly that innocent lives were lost. But we, American Muslims don'...

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