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Secrets of skin care

Beauty Addicts Advice: Tips and tricks for the beauty obsessed

Kylie Hendrickson, Reporter

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Skin care is the number one necessity that both women and men forget about or slack on. I cannot express enough how important it is to take care of your skin. It’s the first thing people notice and that shows age the quickest.

Living in Bakersfield is also a huge factor that takes a beating on your skin. We have pollution, and we have extremely dry and hot summers that don’t take too kindly to it either. Starting a skin care routine in your late teens or early 20s is what’s recommended to deter wrinkles, age spots, acne, etc. The best thing is to start out with the basics: face wash, toner, day moisturizer, night moisturizer, and an eye cream.

It’s taken me quite a few years to finally concoct the perfect regimen for my own skin, but I’m here to shave off those years and give my best advice possible to give you a clearer and glowing complexion. Just like hair care, skin care can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming to shop for.

The voice in your head says “where do I even start?” Now, I can’t exactly say what precise item to purchase because every single person has a different skin type, but I can narrow down the brands and say what has truly worked for me and others I’ve witnessed.

There are three brands of skin care that I use that have completely transformed my skin, but today I am going to talk about two of them. Mario Badescu is one of them. I was first introduced to this brand when I worked at Ulta a few years ago.

It’s super affordable, and it works. I’m obsessed with their facial spray that has aloe, herbs, and rosewater. Not only is it a quick pickme-up for thirsty skin, but it’s also a makeup setting spray. And for a price tag of only $7 for four ounces, it surely can’t be beat.

For a daytime moisturizer, I use their hydro moisturizer with vitamin C. It’s pertinent to look for products that contain vitamin C because it acts as a natural antioxidant, which repairs and renews the skin cells and gives it a healthier look. It also helps produce collagen, and collagen binds the cells of our body. Reiterating what I mentioned earlier, it’s recommended to buy skin care that is tailored to your own skin type and needs. With Mario Badescu, you can’t go wrong. Their affordability and easy to read packaging makes it a simple task to find the perfect products.

The second brand I love and use daily is Arcona, which takes a more natural route. Arcona’s line of skin care is completely free of animal ingredients, by-products, derivatives and is 100 percent vegan with the exception of three products that contain honey. All are also gluten free with the exception of one. My favorite from this line is their face wash, the white tea purifying cleanser.

It’s a face wash and toner in one. The best part is that it tightens the pores, leaving the skin looking poreless and refreshed. Another favorite is the desert mist, which is a water-soluable type of serum, used in the morning. It protects skin from pollution and free radicals in the air and helps defend against environmental damage. Mario Badescu can be purchased at Ulta, and Arcona can be purchased online.

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Secrets of skin care