Milo is no laughing Maher

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Dylan Bryant, Reporter

Bill Maher is the Milo Yiannopoulos of the left, an unabashed ideologue who disavows the concept of political correctness at every turn. While Yiannopoulos admits to being a provocateur, Maher hides behind the cover of “comedian” in order to bash his opponents, calling anyone who takes offense at his remarks “sensitive”, even though he may be “One of the most unfunny people to ever be called a comedian” according to comedian Norm MacDonald.

It shouldn’t be surprising that these men, who share a great deal of privilege, also share a bigoted worldview.

Yiannopoulos is a founder of the “alt-right”, a former senior editor at Breitbart News, and self-proclaimed “most dangerous faggot in the world.” He is a gay man who is anti-black, anti-Muslim, and anti-gay.

On Feb 1., the Berkeley Campus College Republicans invited him to speak. He planned to use his platform to teach students how to “out” undocumented immigrants for them to be deported. The campus community tried for months to stop the event by every means available, even attempting to purchase all the tickets so no one could go, but failed to stop him.

The night the speech was scheduled, hundreds of protesters, some students, turned out. Anti-fascist demonstrators set a light post on fire, and the event was cancelled over property damage concern. Yes, concerns over property were more important than undocumented students and their safety.

Maher has stated for years that anything can and should be debated, an admirable view. But I don’t see the Nationalist Socialist Party, America’s largest group of self-identified neo-Nazis, represented on the show, and for good reason. Bigoted, racist, homophobic, xenophobic views are not considered in the mainstream of political discussion. And they shouldn’t be dragged into it. The first amendment doesn’t require you to put someone on TV, period. Let Yiannopoulos yell somewhere else, and by the time everyone believes that, Yiannopoulos will have nowhere to yell.

It shouldn’t surprise those who’ve followed Maher that Yiannopoulos would be on the show. Maher and Yiannopoulos agree on many things. Maher has said Islam is a “religion of piece – a piece of you over there, another over there,” has called the Quran a “hate-filled holy book,” and Islamic terrorists the biggest threat Americans face today, despite contradicting data from the FBI. He is a bigot, and anyone who opposes should stop watching his show.

Yiannopoulos resigned from Breitbart in February after a video resurfaced of him in an interview promoting pedophilia. Despite being a victim of sexual abuse, Yiannopoulos has no excuse promoting rape. It ended his career. Shortly afterward, a ’90s video of Maher defending a 34-year-old teacher that raped one of her students also resurfaced, meaning the altright has better self-management skills than the left does, because while Yiannopoulos’s career ended, Maher still makes millions promoting bigotry for 20 years.