Bookworm talk: “The Stories We Tell”

Amanda Hernandez, Digital and Sports Editor

Amanda Hernandez 

An Instant New York Times Bestseller “The Stories We Tell” by Joanna Gaines made headlines on the Today show in 2022. The book is a memoir detailing Gaines’ experiences and how important each piece was to create the story that she tells today.  

Throughout the book, she speaks boldly about memories from her past and how those moments created fear within her while growing up. This is a relatable concept for most individuals.  

I think we can all say that there were moments in our childhood so profound that we still deal with the internal messages they left behind.  

For some, this book can spark a sense of self-awareness and motivate them to begin healing parts of the past to come to terms with their own story.  

Significantly, Gaines normalized what adulthood, growth, and change are like.  

She wrote “I certainly don’t have all the answers.”

That statement highlights her authenticity as an author. 

It allows readers to connect with her and understand that even though she embarked on a journey of change, self-discovery, and healing, she still does not have all the answers.  

That is the most important takeaway of the memoir.  

You don’t have to be perfect, have all the answers, or even pretend as though the past didn’t occur because it is all part of the story that you will one day tell.  

Throughout the book, she emphasizes fear, bridges, paying attention, holding on, letting go, your roots, growing, untethering, piecing things together, and just having fun.  

You’ll likely begin uncovering your strengths, weaknesses, lies you’ve been told, hurts, pains, things that anger you and so much more.  

Regardless of your own experiences, and how different they may be from Gaines’, there is something you can relate to on just about every page.  

In addition, her style of writing is very easy to comprehend and so conversational, you’ll feel like she’s speaking directly to you. 

This is a memoir that sparks ideas, understanding, and a whole lot of conversation. 

If you haven’t already, go grab yours today, so you can begin piecing together each part of your own story.