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Game Review- Newest game in Trials series will not disappoint

Bertin Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief

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A new addition to the Trials series, Trials Fusion brings back everything players loved about it with some new added features that are sure to please anyone from the hardcore to the casual player.

Ubisoft and the developers of the game, RedLynx, attempt at adding a storyline to this Trials game, but fail at making it a selling point, so it’s more like an afterthought. Fusion is also based in a futuristic environment and the graphics are stunning if you have a PC that can handle it.

The Trials series is a platform racing game set in a 3D environment. You use your motocross bike and/or all terrain vehicles to race through the trials. Physics play a major part in this game, so it’s not about going full throttle all the time but more about using the obstacles to navigate the level without crashing. At the end of every level you get a medal, Bronze, Silver or Gold, depending on how you did.  It factors in time and how many times you crashed.

The learning curve on this game is insane. You can finish levels with basic skills, but if you want to have a flawless run and complete the many challenges they give you for each level, you are going to need to be sitting on your couch all day and playing this game. Be ready to crash over and over until you get good at the game.

You have the option to use the keyboard or a controller when playing the game on the PC. Anyone with a brain knows keyboard is the way to go and the controls are easy to learn. The arrow keys are used the most with up being the gas and down being the brake. Left and right controls your rider’s body weight because you can shift it from the front of the bike to the back. The most-used button for all beginners is the backspace button because that resets you back at the checkpoint when you crash.

Fusion has added the ability to do motocross tricks mid-air and this is a feature that should have been there since the first game. These tricks, if performed correctly, can earn you more points, but learn to press backspace over and over trying to learn these tricks.

Everything in this game is over the top, from the obstacles to the different outfits you can put on your rider. You can customize your rider and even your bikes. With new rims, body kits, helmets and outfit, a person can get lost just in this section of the game. I hope you like playing levels over and over to earn more cash and experience to unlock these add-ons.

If you are a fan of the Trials series then you will easily pick up this game and fall in love with it. For new players, get ready for a beautiful game with many appealing features, just be ready to get a new keyboard because you will break your backspace button from frequent presses.

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Game Review- Newest game in Trials series will not disappoint