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SGA correctly shows a government at work

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Voting, whether it is on a national level or voting for local representatives, has always seemed like a lowest common denominator popularity contest.

Elections bring out the worst and most polar sides of people. The constant pandering and sensationalism that accompany campaigns can be sickening and ultimately result in leaving a bad taste in the voter’s mouth.

We divide ourselves and categorize ourselves into politically made boxes that only serve to further segregate a community.

What does that pandering and  those incessant soapbox speeches accomplish? More now then ever, those political tools have become dull and ineffective.

What is promised is usually never delivered and is only lip service to appease some small voting population. A political figure will always alienate some group and result in a less than proper representation. What we call a democracy is a derision of its true nature. There is no funding, contribution, promotion or support of any political campaign that will ever result in your voice being heard. However, there is a silver lining in all of this. There is a place where people can actually have their voices heard, and see in action, a political process with measurable results and reactions. One can even freely participate and influence this political process.

At the community college level, Student Government Association is truly a representation and barometer of its students. The programs they enact directly affect the student population.

Take for example, The Renegade Food Pantry. Students, and family alike, can alleviate their food bills or eat if they have no food bill at all. It is direct action from SGA, that must only clear minimal bureaucratic hurdles to be enacted and does measurable good for the community.

Because this is government at an intimate level, your discordant or supportive voice can actually be heard. This is why elections in a small setting matter. The people you are voting for are tangible, not figureheads for special interest groups. These representatives can be accessed and have the time to listen and respond accordingly.

Perhaps the most promising thing about government and elections at the community college level, is the ability to become the voice of the students. It doesn’t take years of political science to enter this arena. People don’t need millions of ill-gotten dollars to be known as a politician.  If you have an interest in being part of the process, you simply show the drive and perseverance to be nominated.

The election process, too, is a better representation of democracy at these close settings. There are not months of slanderous TV commercials that divide the campus. The candidates simply assert themselves and you make a decision without being led to believe a certain way.

Let your voice be heard during this semester’s voting process, which is taking place now through April 4. In today’s world of politics, this is the only time it will be heard.

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SGA correctly shows a government at work