Barbecue boosts athletics

Coumba Tamboura

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Football practice has never been this hard.

The mouth-watering scent that was coming from the other side of the field where the 49th annual Bakersfield College Barbecue was being held had something to do with it.

“I was focused on my stomach,” said Darin Durbin offensive tacklers in the BC football team.

Hunger almost overwhelmed his senses and concentration, he said.

Anxiety was on the menu for some participants in the Sept 18 event organized by the BC alumni association.

“I see a lot more older people than younger people, so I am not sure if they will be a lot of people coming to my booth,” said Darin Edu, a BC student who was running a booth of of 104.3 rock radio.

As the guests made their way through the gates, cheerleaders gave them their brightest smiles while music boomed from radio stations accompanied them to their seating area.

“I think it is going to be fun and out of control. I am very excited to see a lot of alumni interact with people,” said Janice Porter , cheerleader and registered nurse at BC.

For Walter Koop, a Bakersfield resident and former bus driver for the BC women athletics, coming to the barbecue is like a tradition.

“We have been coming here for ten to twelve years, and we just enjoy seeing all the athletes.”

First-timers Richard Marquez and Carol Cunningham, both BC faculty members of the BC bowling team, said the barbecue is an opportunity to have a good time and support the college.

“I am looking, and the chef had certainly put some rather remarkably large steaks on, so I don’t know why other people in Bakersfield aren’t here,” said Cunningham, chair of the English Department.

Long lines started to form under the tents on the grass, where the savoir-faire of Chef Pat Coyle and his culinary class was on display.

Chili beans, choice of New York beef, and salad rolls were among the dishes available to the guests.

After dinner, BC athletics teams were introduced to the crowd.

Coaches and team players all thanked everybody for their support.

Sharon Baker, a BC alumnus, noted that introducing athletes as a team was a better choice than introducing them individually. It even enhanced the evening she was having she said.

Jan Stuebbe, athletics director and Dallas Grider, football head coach both praised the alumni association for the work they have done on the event.

“The alumni association does a great job promoting this event. It is vital for athletes because they use the money to provide awards during the season,” said Grider.

As the night ended , and guests were beginning to head home, “I feel good” by James Brown was played by the band.

“It is a great traditon here at Bakersfield College,and very unique in that respect,” said Paula Dahl, woman’s basketball coach.

“It is a lot of fun, people seem to have a good time, music is good, the food is always great. Chef Coyle is the man.”

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