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Jackass back for more

Michael Plaza

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Rip staff writer

For all those who thought Johnny Knoxville and his band of pranksters couldn’t take their 15 minutes of fame any further, they have.
In “Jackass: Number Two,” the heathens take their antics to a new level.
Granted, many of the pranks in the movie are very comical; however, you seem to leave the theater with a bad taste in your mouth.
The comedy is on the mature side most of the time, including nudity, defecation and a lot of adult language.
The “R” rating should be strongly recognized when considering this movie.
Like the show and previous film, it has no plot whatsoever other than hurting its ‘actors.’
It, is a collection of stunts and practical jokes aimed at making you laugh, and sometimes makes you wonder if they want you to throw up.
The movie is entertaining if you can handle it. Not very much of this film, would be allowed to air on cable television.
This second movie is way over the top of anything the gang has done, and if you are looking for them to make you gasp, laugh and squirm more than they have in the past, this movie is perfect for you.

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Jackass back for more