Purchasing a parking permit is a good idea

Maryann Kopp

Like it or not, parking is something that every Bakersfield College student must take into account when considering the flow of his or her day while on campus.
An important step for any full-time BC student who plans to park on campus is obtaining a BC parking pass.
Buying the pass enables the student to park in designated areas without running the risk of receiving a parking ticket.?
It is also a good idea to remember that while these areas surround a large portion of the college and offer many spaces as a result, that does not necessarily guarantee that a student will get a space anywhere close to where a student may have to be.
“I pay approximately $30 a semester for a parking pass,” states BC student Tarah Jimenez. “I would usually?say this is a reasonable price for a semester-long pass.? However, when I still have to park on the east side of the school past the stadium and walk ten minutes to my classes, I beg to differ.”
Jimenez also said that her solution is to arrive?30 minutes before class, since it takes her about 15 minutes to find a good spot and then the additional ten to walk to class.
Managing your time in school can make all the difference in your overall experience.
Parking can and probably will effect this, as?all students generally make?a considerable trek through the lots, go?up and down staircases and even?traverse hills just to get to class.
“I park in the stadium parking lot,” says BC student Stephanie Esparza. “On a good day, it takes about five minutes for me to get to class and on a bad day it takes ten.”
The student parking areas (all which require a current parking pass, whether?it’s for the day or for the entire semester) are located?on Haley Street and University Avenue near the baseball field, on University Avenue and Mount Vernon Avenue, near the stadium, and on Mount Vernon Avenue and Panorama?Drive, which is closest to the Fine Arts building?and Child Development Center.?
Students can purchase day passes for $1?in all three lots at any of the five parking pass dispensers.
The lot on Haley Street and University Avenue even offers free parking at the corner of said streets, just behind the baseball field.
Free parking and paid parking are marked by a white line, which is painted on the asphalt.
Another popular parking option is to find a?spot?on the streets surrounding the?campus, which is exactly what student Chris Silva does.
“I park on the outskirts of the campus,” says Silva.? “On Panorama, near the?admissions office, you can park on the street.? Like Jesus always says, walking ain’t that bad.”
There is also a visitor parking and limited time parking area.?Just be sure that you don’t go over the specified amount of time (45 minutes), unless you don’t mind receiving a ticket for doing so.?This parking is very limited.
Parking permits?can be purchased online at www.thepermitstore.com.
Internet links to parking?maps?as well as a list of rules can be found at www.bakersfieldcollege.edu/about/?and are available in print in the Student Services building.