Unique art on display in BC

The art gallery “Random Responses” in the Grace Van Dyke Bird Library held its opening reception on Jan. 29. Among some of the guests were the curator Margaret A. Nowling, artists Audra McKay and Gail Werner. Nowling made the estimate that around 75 guests showed up the night of the reception saying, “We had a good turnout. People took their time really looking at the artwork.”

The exhibit features art by professional artists. Nowling was looking for fine art and even accepting jewelry for the gallery, although no jewelry was sent in for display. The artists who added their art to the exhibit were Chris Burch, Mary Baird, Phillip Chan, Darlene Graeser, Michael McAllister, Audra McKay and Gail Werner. Jason Petersen is a student worker who attends every gallery. Petersen describes his job as having to “help set up the exhibit, maintain order and make sure no one walks out with any of the paintings.”

Dan Sagun, a spectator of the art gallery was impressed by the way the artists “were able to express their emotions and ideas really well using different kinds of media.” Another spectator, Noah Calugaru was impressed with the realism of the paintings by Chris Burch. “The people have very real expressions, and if you look closely, you can see more and more color,” said Calugaru.

The Random Responses gallery opened on Jan. 28, and, according to Nowling, the exhibit runs through Feb. 26. “I anticipate we will have a lot of traffic. I think it will be a success,” said Nowling.

The gallery hours will go from Monday-Thursday opening at 1 p.m. and closing at 7 p.m.