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Rodeos for the youngest cowboys

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Rodeos for the youngest cowboys

Gregory D. Cook

Gregory D. Cook

Gregory D. Cook

A child rides a sheep at the Wool Riders competition at The Kern County Fair.

Chrystal Fortt, Features Editor

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Wool Riders is one of Kern County Fair’s newest and exciting attractions.

Kids ages six to three years old that weighed 60 pounds or less held on to wild sheep for their dear lives and a chance to win $5,000.

Six kids are able to sign-up and compete in the same race. After they sign-up, all riders gear up in a helmet and body suit.

Each kid got ready to take their turn by a man helping them climb on top of the sheep as their parents give them encouragement.

Once the rider is clenching on to the sheep in a hugging position, the fence opens and each rider tries to stay on the sheep as long as they can.

Some sheep were more frantic than others, but most zoomed out of the fence as fast as they can.

The rider that stays on the longest wins first place and is able to go on to the national competition for a chance to win $5,000.

Caleb Stremcha from Oxnard won first place, but it wasn’t his first time competing.

He also won first place in the Santa Barbara competition.

Caleb’s advice for winning is, “Hold on tight and never let go.”

Caleb was excited to win first place again. He likes to compete because he gets first place and wins medals.

Tammy and Clint Stremcha, Caleb’s parents, explained that Caleb loves competing and will be going on to the Fresno competition.

If he wins in Fresno, he can go on to the national competition in Las Vegas and win the $5,000 prize.

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Rodeos for the youngest cowboys