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Trends for ghouls and goblins

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Trends for ghouls and goblins

Nathan Wilson

Nathan Wilson

Nathan Wilson

Klint Torres is a bone-chilling skeleton wearing a bow tie as a Halloween costume.

Chrystal Fortt, Features Editor

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Halloween is coming up and there are so many costumes to choose from.

Bill West is the store manager of Spirit Halloween store on Stockdale Highway, and he knows all about the popular Halloween costumes for college students.

“For the college-age group, the popular costumes for the ladies are the Leg Avenue brand and Dream Girls, which are a mix of everything from vampires to nurses and beer girls (Oktoberfest girls),” said West.

He explained that girls wear almost anything that is more on the risqué side.

The men, on the other hand, like to wear costumes that are easy and comfortable.

“There are a lot of Roman costume sales due to the fact that a lot of them are more comfortable to wear all night,” he said.

Comfort isn’t the only reason for popular costumes. A lot has to do with pop culture.

“A lot of the Halloween trends come from what’s going on TV. Last year, ‘Jersey Shore’ was real popular because the series was still really big, but now there’s a new series so we have new costumes on that,” West said.

West also explained that the movie “Zombieland” and “Twilight” has influenced a huge trend in zombie and vampire costumes.

Charlie Sheen is so huge in pop culture that he has his own corner of costumes in the store.

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Trends for ghouls and goblins