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Get your mom a gift she deserves

Crystal Sanchez, Reporter

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With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, finding that perfect gift for mom can sometimes be challenging. When asked what they want for Mother’s Day, mothers will often say, “I have everything I could possibly want.”

Emily Vasquez, 30, is hoping that this year her mother will actually want something specific.

“It’s so frustrating trying to think of all the things she likes but doesn’t already have,” she said. “Most of the time I just end up taking her out to dinner with the family.”

Ryan Ferguson, 20, said that throughout the year his mother will hint at a certain gift she wants.

“My mom has this funny way of leaving not-so-subtle hints of what it is she’s wanting for Christmas and Mother’s Day,” he said. “It’s really great for me and my dad because we don’t have to spend three hours at the mall wondering what to get her.”

This year Ferguson said that his mother really wants the new iPad.

Gabrielle Herrera, 27, is a mother of two young children and said that she loves receiving the hand-made art projects her kids do at school.

“Every year I look forward to getting their gifts because they’re so proud of their artwork. One year my daughter made me this beautiful sunflower with her picture in the middle. It is posted on our refrigerator,” she said.

28-year-old Aimee Bright, a sales associate for KAY Jewelers, said that mother’s rings are the most popular gifts.

“A mother’s ring has the birthstones of all of her children in a beautiful ring setting,” she said.

Bright said the most important things to know before buying any jewelry is to find out whether she likes white gold or yellow gold and know her ring size.

“I have seen so many men come into our store and not have a clue. So they end up guessing and then have to bring it back,” she said.

Designer purses are also a very popular gift for mothers, said 23-year-old Brenda Serreto. Serreto, a sales associate for Coach, said that in her three years of working for Coach, that the majority of men come in the day of Mother’s Day.

“Every year we make around 15-35 sales the day of Mother’s Day,” she said.

The price of a Coach purse can range anywhere between $298-$398, according to Serreto.

In hopes to help those last minute shoppers, she recommends knowing what color and style your mother likes. Now if your mother prefers something more intimate Alesandra Miranda suggests coming to Things Remembered.

Miranda, 22, said that mothers really enjoy their wide variety of jewelry boxes, water globes and jewelry.

“All of our jewelry boxes, water globes and jewelry can be engraved and personalized any way the customer wants it,” she said.

The jewelry boxes are normally priced between $30-$120, water globes are priced between $25-$100 and jewelry ranges between $20-$60. “Engraving is additional” Miranda said.

55-year-old Sandy Snow has been a fragrance sales associate for Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci for 13 years, and said that fragrances are extremely popular during Christmas and Mother’s Day.

“Fragrances can trigger wonderful memories and can remind you of certain people,” she said.

Lupe Garcia, 47, is a mother of four and said that one of her favorite gifts is a bottle of perfume her children bought for her two years ago. “It was Vera Wang Floral Aldyhdic, and it means so much to me because that was the month I had my fourth child. Now every time I smell it reminds me of that special Mother’s Day. ”

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Get your mom a gift she deserves