Kern County Fair excites Bakersfield


Omar Oseguera

At night, the lights of the Kern County Fair give the various rides and booths a unique flair.

Jason Reed, Reporter

After another year at the Kern County Fair, it seemed people enjoyed their experiences.

The one thing people seemed to have enjoyed the most was the food.

“I love the fair, and the food is great,” Ivonne Acosta said.  “I can’t get enough of it.  I look forward to the food every year. The churros are bomb.”

The corndog was also a big hit with the people in attendance at the fair.

“I love the corndogs,” said Sabrina Martinez. There were several corndog stands set up, and if you walked around you wouldn’t miss any of them.

“One of the things I enjoyed most about the fair is the food,” said Jim Craig, who is a sergeant with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department.  “I love the corndogs, cinnamon rolls, funnel cakes, and several other specialties.”

Every year it seems to get better to the fairgoers.  They seem to be pleased with the food every time they attend the fair.

“They never disappoint me when I go,” said Bakersfield College student Jorge Villafana. “The food gets better and better every year in my opinion. It’s worth the little bit extra to pay for a meal there because the fair comes only once a year.”

There were also lots of entertaining things to view as well.

The people were really fascinated by the exhibits and other things that give them ideas on what to do with their products.

“I look forward to seeing the demonstrations available by the different vendors,” said Jim Craig. “I enjoy staying current on the new products available for our house and cars.”

The collectors’ exhibit was at the fair as always.  They displayed collectable items that were showed by people who wanted to showcase their items.

The display glasses featured many Wonder Woman collectables, cars, old museum keys, sports items and cards.

“The cars were so cool,” said 5-year-old Justin Hudson, who asked his mom if the collectable cars were for sale.

“He is very excited about the collectable cars,” said Justin’s mom Gracie Hudson.  “Now I have to get him to understand that these items are not for sale.”

Villafana was also a fan of the cars and seemed to be a big fan of the Disney movies.  He liked the items in the exhibit.

“[My favorite were] the collectables section of cars and the Disney movies because it brings back so many childhood memories,” he said.

The fair also showed art done by artists who put their pieces up to be shown to the fair-goers.  When you walk around the art exhibit, you’ll see art done by children that are younger than seven years old.

There were first-place ribbons on lots of junior art, and the viewers seemed amazed at the talents of the young children and teenagers.

“My favorite part would have to be the art arena,” said Villafana. He takes a drawing class at BC, and couldn’t stop looking at the amazing drawings he saw in the art exhibit.

“I enjoy this, because when I see that look on my little brother’s face, that joyful look of experiencing something he can’t every day, [it] really makes me very happy,” he said.

The fair also featured a new zip-line ride.  There weren’t many people lined up and anxious to get on the zip-line.  It seemed that the ride didn’t stretch far enough for people, and didn’t give them that excitement that they were hoping for.

“It wasn’t long enough,” said Scott Lewis.  “I was a much bigger fan of the rides last year, although I think it’s cool to add new things.”

Some fairgoers enjoy bringing family out to enjoy a wonderful time to this year’s fair.

“I really enjoy bringing my family here,” said Alex Williams, who has gone with his wife to the fair for the past 15 years. “My children really seem to love it here, and they look forward to it every year.”