Local play tells women’s point of view with a twist

Ruben Perez, Reporter

For two weeks, The Empty Space hosted the newest production by The See You Next Tuesdays, called “Stripped.”

The Tuesdays are an all female, and one gay male, local comedy troupe that started last year.  The show, written by Michelle Guerrero and Alisha Mason, was a mixture of comedy and drama that dealt with real issues that women from all walks of life come across, whether it’s finding out that your prince charming is having an affair or dealing with eating habits.

“It’s comedy and drama, so I pulled all the comedy for this show and Alisha wrote a couple of the scenes as well,” said Guerrero. “The scenes that I wrote were things that I think. Like women working in a man’s job,” she said. “I’ve had that job where I had to work with a lot of men and I didn’t get any respect from any of them because I was a girl. That made the job hard.”

Some of the material used humor to deal with very serious situations.

“I like that we’ve taken parts of our lives that can be serious and be like, ‘No.  It’s life.  It’s funny.  It’s good and this is exciting,” said Mason.

“Those things are funny if you look at it.  You can almost take one of the saddest situations ever, like an eating disorder, and make it funny if you’re just kind of like ‘Yeah, I have an eating disorder.  So what deal with it,’ ” added Guerrero.

The show went over well with audiences in their limited run.  “This show was really good, really funny, [it had] some kind of emotional and intense moments, but the funny parts were really, really good,” said Catie Bryant, who has seen the Tuesdays before.

“This is really our best show so far and I’m really just looking forward,” said Mason.

Those who missed the performances of “Stripped” can probably catch a future performance by The See You Next Tuesdays, as they will be pitching more plays for next season at The Empty Space.