City of Lights: Bakersfield College celebrates homecoming


The Phi Theta Kappa honor society displays their Bakersfield-themed float which one first place.

Patricia Rocha, Editor in Chief

Bakersfield College students, alumni and their family and friends braved the chilly November weather to participate in the homecoming tradition of football, tailgating and expression of school spirit.

No one understands the importance of this school spirit more than former BC student Deanna Bower. Once a pom-pom girl in 1960-62, 70-year-old Bower has participated as an alumni cheerleader at the homecoming games for the last 27 years.

“In those years there were five pom-pom girls and all we did was do dance routines with the band,” said Bower. “We had an awesome band. Then there were cheerleaders, and all they did was lead cheers.”

Though she moved from Bakersfield, she never lost her BC spirit.

“I went off to college, came to Palo Alto for my job, I had two babies, and all of those things kind of got in my way,” she said. “When I was finally able to get a weekend away and go down was in 1985, and I’ve been back every year.”

Bower said she is thankful for Becki Whitson’s organization of the alumni cheerleaders group.

“She’s the one that’s really getting all the alumni cheerleaders and pom-pom girls coming back for homecoming,” Bower said. “It has to be a little bit organized. You want to be welcomed.”

Her love of dance, football and supporting BC is what keeps her coming back year after year.

“I just keep coming back home,” she said. “That’s what homecoming is.”

She said she is excited to come back next year for BC’s 100-year anniversary.