Female gamers get less respect

Robin Shin, Photographer

The video gaming world is rarely a place for a girl to tread on, especially when it involves a game where it is male dominant, which just happens to be the majority of the games in the world.

There are many varieties of games for people of all ages to play, from massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of “World of Warcraft” to first-person shooter (FPS) of “Counter-Strike.”

Yet, there are still barriers as to which gender you are within the game.

Tahirah Hill, 20, a BC student has been playing video games since she was 7 years old, she now plays video games for fun and competitively.

Being a fan of “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and recently having purchased “Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” Hill stated that she spends most of her video gaming time on the PC.

Hill also uses voice chat to talk to other players in the server she is playing in.

Hill stated that it is fun to hear the reactions of male gamers when they find out that she is a female.

“They cuss me out because they think I’m lying.”

She stated that she once met up with a couple of gamers she met online at the Marketplace, just to prove that she was a female.

When Hill attended an event in Minnesota meant for online gamers, she had gotten first place in a “Tekken” tournament and an angry gamer who had lost against her threw food in her face.

“It’s very hard to find girls who are into playing games,” stated Hill when asked which gender of friends played video games more.

Mama Peeps, who would not state her real name, 24, is a online gamer who plays the game “Team Fortress 2.”

She has been playing for 2 years and voice chats often. Peeps too has more male gamer friends than she does female and stated that she has met male gamers online who weren’t really phased by the fact that she was a female gamer.

“Some guy added me after a game and few days later asked if I was interested in having a relationship with him,” she said.

This was one of the stranger events that Peeps faced when she started to play online.

“I told him no and he went berserk on me, stating that all females are the same in real life and in game – that we are shallow and hypocrites.”

Peeps stated that Steam, a digital distribution platform, is not seen to her as a dating site and that it should not be one’s main way of getting dates.

“I think it was just because I’m a girl speaking in chat,” stated Peeps when asked if she was ever bullied during a game. “The comments made were a bit provocative and felt more like sexual harassment.”

Instead of getting defensive by these incidents, Peeps said that she would ignore the comments. If it were to get to the point of ruining her mood of playing the game, she would leave.

Peeps also balanced her negative experiences online by stating that sometimes she receives comments such as offers of free online gaming items or even lessons on how to play the game.

She also said that it would be wonderful to have more female gamers, or for them to just come out and speak more during a game.

“However, I could see the hesitancy,” stated Peeps, “for me, I just want to play the game without being harassed for my sex.”