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‘Funk’ contest sparks debate among music lovers

By Tyler Goucher



Funk Volume, an independent label founded by rapper Marcus Hopson, recently hosted its fifth annual, “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats,” contest that ended with stellar results.

The contest is a huge opportunity for up-and-coming hip-hop artists to showcase their talent for a chance to get major exposure. They can also win up to $2500 and an opening spot for a Funk Volume show.

In order to participate, contestants had to purchase and download one of Funk Volume’s exclusive beats, record a music video for their original performance, and submit their entry to the official Funk Volume Facebook page.

With over 2,000 entries from all over the world, this year’s competition was extremely difficult for both fans, and Funk Volume members to judge.

On March 11 the voting opened up for fans allowing people to support their favorite entries.

On March 24 voting ended, narrowing down the some 2,000 entries to 25 finalists who would then be judged by the Funk Volume team and narrowed down to the top 3 entries.

With so many talented submissions that made it into the top 25, many fans and voters were upset with the results of the top three.

Taking third place with his untitled entry from Denmark, rapper Eiqu showcased a relatively typical approach to the hip-hop genre and seemed to lack in lyrical content.

“He sounds like he’s trying to sound like SwizZz,” said voter Jarred Adams. “And he looks like Aaron Carter.”

Some even pointed the finger at Funk Volume for making a poor decision for the third place finalist.

“This was an awful entry,” said Mark Mcauley. “You guys at FV need to get a decent ear for music.”

Taking second place with their fresh approach to hip-hop, a duo from Alabama, Beamin and Timmy received all around mixed reviews.

Some fans thought that they deserved the first place spot like Facebook friend Dylan Sackaney.

“My opinion is that they are better out of the three entries because they both had equally great bars,” said Sackaney.

Some voters, however, were upset that they had even made it into the finalists’ category. “The entry was garbage aside from their flows,” said voter Jeffrey Leung. “The first one is straight up ‘gangsta style’ (no ability), while the second is just forcing rhymes.”

Taking first place with his gritty track entitled BEEF, rapper Street Light brought everything that Funk Volume was wanting contestants to bring to the table; a high quality production, both visually and auditory, and most importantly, an extremely well written and well delivered performance.

Although some disagreed with the first place choice, most fans/voters were happy with the outcome. “He wasn’t my first choice out of the top 25 but he’s better than 99% of them,” said voter, Jordon Levesconte.

“Street Light killed the competition this year!” exclaimed fan Issac Rangel.

Funk Volume’s Don’t Funk Up Out Beats Contest 5 has sparked major discussions and debates on the Internet with over 7,000 people talking about it on Facebook alone.

With such a great turnout, Funk Volume plans on hosting future contests that may involve bigger, more extensive prizes and massive exposure.

Be on the lookout for the next best rapper from Funk Volume’s contest.

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