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Dog day afternoon: pups, owners gather for events

Mayan Lara

Guests of the 11th annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day event at Mill Creek Park gather around Father Mark Maxon from the St. Francis Parish Church to receive blessing for their dogs.

Nicholas Torres, Reporter

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On Oct. 5, the Eleventh Annual American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Ownership Day was held at Central Park at Mill Creek. The day was filled with fun for dog owners, as they were able to interact with other dog lovers who shared the same affection for their bundles of joy.

Many events such as an agility demonstration, obedience training, and costume contest were held for owners to showcase their dogs. The breeds of dogs ranged from the smallest of dogs, such as miniature poodles, to the largest of dogs, like a Great Dane.

Jo Anne Rowles, who was in-charge of the event, said that she enjoys throwing this event because, “It is a one stop shop for first-time dog owners. They can see veterinarians and other specialists to help them become a better dog owner.”

Some of the participants that helped out were the Bakersfield SPCA, Bakersfield Pet Food Pantry, Kern Humane Society, and even St. Francis Church whose priest Fr. Mark Maxon held a special Blessing of the Animals ceremony.

When asked what about dogs she enjoys most she answered, “Dogs give unconditional love. It doesn’t matter who are or what you look like, they love you no matter what.”

Rowles also explained that she has owned dogs her whole life with her favorite being a Boxer because they tend to be great family dogs.

Tamra Cloud, a Pug owner, was attending the appreciation day for a second time and was helping out the Central Coast Pug Rescue by giving out information on what the organization actually does. CCPR finds foster homes for the pugs that they save from neglect, abandonment, and abuse.

Cloud explained that the money the organization receives through donations goes straight to helping pugs with medical or rehabilitation costs.

She has always had a love for pugs because, “About 22 years ago, I saw the movie Milo and Otis and I was looking for a puppy and a pug just stole my heart,” she said. “They’re happy dogs even though they look sad.”

She explained that pugs are often referred to as “velcro” dogs because they are right by their owner’s side all the time. Pugs are also great family dogs as they are easy to interact with because they are friendly and sociable.

Many owners and their pets walked around the park to check out the different booths that provided valuable information for dog owners

Dog owner Angelica Mena attended the event with her dog, a Queensland Heeler. She said she came out to the event to see what it was like and wanted to see the other dogs that would be there.

“My whole life I have had a dog, to me there is no better animal to have as a pet. They’re just great to be around because they’re loyal,” she said. “Anyone who owns a dog knows that there is a special bond that means something to both the dog and their owner.”

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  1. JOAnne Rowles on October 14th, 2013 8:45 am

    Thank you for covering our event. It is important that all dog owners learn what it means to be a responsible dog owner and what resources are available to them in Kern County to help them

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Dog day afternoon: pups, owners gather for events