BC club celebrates Day of the Dead

Kennedy Thomas, Reporter

Bakersfield College’s M.E.Ch.A. club celebrated Dia de Los Muertos on Oct. 31 with a fundraising event in the Campus Center, featuring traditional Mexican food, dance, and music.

Flora Garay, 19, president of M.E.Ch.A., oversaw the event.  Garay said that the club experienced a good turnout from students who purchased food, with some choosing to join club members as they danced on the Campus Center concrete stage.  Garay said that all M.E.Ch.A. club members participated in the event.

The club celebrates Dia de Los Muertos every year, Garay said.  This year, the event was held on the Thursday before the actual Dia de Los Muertos, as it took place on Saturday, Nov. 2, which would not allow for as much student participation as the campus population is lower on that day.

The Dia de Los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead,” festivities are an annual Mexican celebration that in fact spans two days, Nov. 1-2, in which families honor deceased friends and family members.  Nov. 1 is Dia de Los Inocentes, or “Day of the Innocents,” in which deceased infants and children are remembered, while Nov. 2 is the proper Dia de Los Muertos, during which all deceased loved ones are honored.