Butterfly exhibit attracts and intrigues all ages


Amber Hayden

The butterfly exhibit kids were able to feel butterflies land on their cloths and skin as they walked inside

Trina Goree, Reporter

Children wait in anticipation with their nectar-soaked magic sticks, made out of Q-tips, waiting for the moment a Monarch will land and feed, giving the children the opportunity to observe the butterflies at close range.

A main attraction, new this year to the Kern County Fair, is the Butterfly Adventures exhibit presented by PG&E and has everyone lined up for the chance to experience butterflies in a way that is safe for oneself and the Monarchs, as well.

Yolanda Franco, a grandmother visiting the exhibit with her grandchildren, agrees. Franco stated, “I love butterflies.” Franco also mentions that her aunt recently died and before she passed Franco’s aunt told her when the aunt does pass she will come to her as a butterfly. The exhibit reconnected her with her aunt as well as built new memories for Franco and her grandchildren. Franco finished with, “It’s nice”, referring to the Butterfly adventures exhibit.

Franco was not alone. Many grandmothers wanted to make sure their grandchildren enjoyed the exhibit. Linda Day, also a grandmother, proclaimed, “The grandkids are having a ball,” all with a huge smile on her face. Day is clearly a proud grandparent. “It’s awesome,” she continued.

Day went on to mention this visit was the next step in a butterfly adventure her family had on their own. Day and her family recently traveled to the Shafter museum to enjoy those exhibits. While there, Day and the grandkids purchased an at-home butterfly nursery. Day’s grandkids raised and feed the caterpillar larvae until the metamorphosed into butterflies and then released them.

The exhibit not only attracted grandmothers and grandchildren but also lured people of all ages. A couple enjoyed the exhibit just as much as the young children. Kylee Stevens and her boyfriend of three years covered with butterflies all over the both of them. With butterflies on her hair, clothes, and bag Stevens stated, “I’m in love with the butterflies.”

When asked, how did so many butterflies land on her hair? Stevens replied with, “I put nectar in my hair.” The couple enjoyed the exhibit and made sure to take plenty of pictures of one another with the butterflies.

The line is worth the wait at the KCF for the Butterfly adventure exhibit. Before entering, one received a crash course in butterfly etiquette from owner and butterfly enthusiast Peter Noah. Just before exiting the exhibit there is a friendly face, John Turner, making sure no butterflies hitch a ride on the spectators.