Cookies bring in the dough


Vanessa A. Munoz

There are over 40 eggs that are added to every batch of cookie dough, An with cookies being made three times a day, thats over 120 eggs being cracked daily.

Elizabeth Castillo, Reporter

The cookies sold at the Panorama Grill and the Food Court Deli at Bakersfield College are baked fresh daily and are seeing a substantial increase in sales this semester.

According to Alex Gomez, the Food Services manager at BC, last year saw sales of approximately 90-100 cookies per day. This semester, sales have jumped to approximately 160 cookies per day. Gomez speculates that the increase in sales may be caused by an increase in student body. He said food sales have increased in general but cookies are seeing an exceptional jump.

With the increase in sales, more dough and cookies must be prepped, but resident baker Patricia Daniel is keeping up with demand.

“Last semester, in one day, I would make 16 pans total of chocolate chip cookies with and without nuts,” Daniel said. “This semester, I’ve been making 20-plus pans a day.”

Daniel said the most popular cookies are the chocolate chip cookies. BC sells two types: one with walnuts, and one without. Originally, BC only sold chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, but the policy changed with help from Daniel.

“I asked to add chocolate chip cookies without nuts,” she said. “A lot of people are allergic to nuts, and my decision was backed up [by management].”

The made-from-scratch cookies have been sold at BC for over 58 years, according to Gomez. BC also sells oatmeal raisin cookies every Thursday, but the recipe actually comes from the Kern High School District. This phenomenon may have occurred because BC was originally housed on the Bakersfield High School campus.

Although Daniel said she has enjoyed baking all types of cookies sold at BC over the past 10 years, there is one cookie that holds a special place in her heart.

“My favorite cookie to eat is the oatmeal raisin, probably because they’re sweeter,” she said.

If a student wants to stop by the Panorama Grill or the Food Court Deli for a cookie, both types of chocolate chip cookies are available daily, while Ranger cookies are sold on Mondays, Snickerdoodles on Tuesdays, Peanut Butter cookies on Wednesdays and Oatmeal Raisin cookies on Thursdays. Originally, chocolate chip cookies were only sold one day a week, but over time have become so popular that they are now sold every day.

While Daniel said she usually has to make extra chocolate chip cookies without nuts on a daily basis, some still prefer the other type of chocolate chip cookie.

“I really like the chocolate chip cookie with walnuts,” said Leslie Bojorquez, a culinary arts major at BC. “Walnuts aren’t usually used in chocolate chip cookies. Peanuts, almonds or cashews are more common.”

Bojorquez typically purchases cookies twice a week and has many reasons for loving the walnut chocolate chip cookie.

“They’re very delicious and surprisingly filling. They don’t skim on chocolate chips or nuts,” she said. “They’re not too chewy and not too crispy. They’re a happy medium and well worth the $1.80.”

Even though some prefer the chocolate chip cookies with nuts, a quick tip for those looking for an afternoon snack is that a second batch of chocolate chip cookies without nuts are usually available near 1 or 2 p.m. Daniel said other food service employees often inform her that more cookies are needed after the lunch rush on campus so she readily prepares a second, fresh batch in the early afternoon.

Regardless of preference, Bojorquez recommends students give the cookies sold on campus a chance.

“Give everything a try at least once,” she said. “Maybe the oatmeal raisin or peanut butter cookie is to your taste.”