Former BC student jams in Los Angeles


From the Glam Skanks Facebook page.

Elizabeth Castillo, Reporter

Breanna Fields, a former Bakersfield College student, continues to follow her rock ‘n’ roll dreams as the bassist for the Hollywood-based band, Glam Skanks.

Fields, 22, grew up in Bakersfield and always had the itch to play in bands. She remembers attending live shows in the dives of Bakersfield as a teenager and hoped to one day be able to play on stage, too.

“The music industry was where I wanted to be all along,” she said. “I always dreamed of being able to do music and be in a rock ‘n’ roll band.”

Now Fields gets to follow that dream as she performs regularly as a band member of Glam Skanks, a rock quartet with an all-female line-up. The band is inspired by ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll acts along with other female rock musicians like Joan Jett and The Donnas. Although Fields primarily played guitar before joining the band, she enjoyed learning bass for the band and is ultimately excited to play on stage.

“I had to learn a few new things since the bass works primarily with the drummer,” she said. “But once I’m on stage it doesn’t matter that I’m playing bass and not guitar. I’m really stoked to be a part of this band.”

Fields said that she was glad to find a band that had similar musical influences and were very theatrical performers. Their music is currently gaining notoriety in Los Angeles. Fields said that the band’s music will be featured in an upcoming Kevin Smith movie, “Yoga Hosers.” She said that after hearing the Glam Skanks, Smith was excited to feature them in his film.

The band hopes to have their music available online in the near future but currently share their music live. When the Glam Skanks perform, their set usually consists of 12 original songs and two covers.

Glam Skanks just finished two short tours through California and stopped in Bakersfield on Oct. 17 to perform at B Ryder’s. Fields so far enjoys the touring experience and can’t wait to hit the road once more.

“You get to meet so many new people on tour,” she said. “As musicians, a lot of us have the mentality to go and see different things and new people. It’s fun being in a new town and playing rock ‘n’ roll shows.”

Along with touring, Fields enjoys other aspects as a band member of Glam Skanks. She said that she enjoys working with them as a team to create new songs and perform their material. Performing live with the band has provided Fields with great memories.

“We always put in 110 percent when we perform in a show,” she said. “It’s magic when we can all really feel a cool moment with the crowd and feed off of their high energy.”

Glam Skanks have a few music videos of their original songs on their website. Fields said that they hope to add two new videos including a video of their song, “Wild Soul.”

When Fields moved to Los Angeles, she didn’t know anybody and had to start her life over. Now, Fields has lived in the L.A. area for several years and said that she enjoys meeting like-minded people who share her interests of the vegan lifestyle, animal rights and the love of music. Although Fields still has to maintain a part-time job to lead her musical lifestyle, she said that she was glad she made the decision to move to L.A. and follow her dreams.

“It’s been a really great experience,” she said. “My schedule is hectic with rehearsal, shows and touring, but it’s what I wanted to pursue and it’s shaping up nicely.”