BC sports and fallacy

Marcus Castro, Reporter

Bakersfield College athletes tend to have superstitions that involve a ritual routine or wearing a certain item.

Some BC athletes will wear an article of clothing every single time they play.

Andrew Tibbetts, pitcher on BC’s baseball team, explained that he likes to wear his left sock inside out and his right sock correctly. He has done this for some time and believes it brings him luck.

Richard Ortiz, athlete on BC’s track and field team, explained that he makes sure to always wear a white t-shirt under his track uniform every time he throws.

Some athletes have a routine they do right before or as they perform.

“When I step in the circle, I step exactly how I am going to end,” said Ortiz. “I always look outside, and then I go blank in my mind and just do it.”

Anthony Avila, first baseman on BC’s baseball team, explained that he tapes his hands the same way every single game. He then has secret handshakes that he does with certain teammates.

Jewelry is worn by some athletes to give them good luck. Whether it is because they just like how it looks or if it has meaning to them.

Kyra Saunders, athlete on BC’s track and field team, said, “My step-father passed away and he gave me this necklace so I wear it every time I run.”

Many athletes listen to music before they play their sport to get them pumped up or in the zone.

Gerardo Castaneyra, athlete on BC’s men’s club soccer team, said, “I mentally pump myself up by listening to music… I like to listen to Logic.”