Students think celebrations are lacking

Brooke Howard, Features Editor

Black History Month, or National African American History Month, is an annual celebration in the month of February of the achievements of black Americans and their roles in history.

Although many on campus have mixed opinions on whether Bakersfield College does enough to celebrate this month.

“Bakersfield College doesn’t do enough and it’s not just on BC, it’s on the students. People just don’t want to get involved because of how many hoops you have to jump through to do anything here,” BC student Alexandria Thomas said.

Thomas even mentioned an incident where a student felt racially insulted by a professor.

“SGA hasn’t done anything about it and the Dean of Students hasn’t done anything about it. It’s like 1963 here and how long do you have to tell someone there is a problem and they continue to not do anything about it?” Thomas said.

Although the President of the African American Student Union of Bakersfield College has similar views, she’s hopeful that the open mic and chalk walk that included a chalk mural, poetry, musicians and singers showed students how to celebrate Black History Month in a creative way.

A quote by Ralph Martin, “Excellence isn’t a skill, it’s an attitude” is a main theme Desouza wants to reiterate this month.

“And although there is definitely not enough being done, the students should be more involved with student life as well.” Desouza continues, “There is what, eighteen thousand of us at this school? Imagine eighteen thousand of us making a difference. Just don’t mess around, stay on track because you are the future.”

Other students agreed that there are enough resources on campus to put together a better celebration for Black History Month.

“I started college at West Los Angeles College and transferred here last semester. I’m pretty surprised with the lack of Black History stuff. I mean West LA had a parade and talent show,” sociology student Lele Smith said.

“I feel like we have enough students to do something. We should have encouraging things for everyone to love their heritage,” Smith added.

Others agreed that BC does enough to celebrate.

“The thing is, every day is Black History Month for me. So yeah, BC does enough. I get to come to school and watch my friends play football or pick their majors, that’s the beginning of new black history for me,” BC student Patrick Williams said.